San Diego Offshore Fishing Charters

Meals on Board

Poseidon Brisket
All meals included.



Meal Offerings
  • Eggs and Bacon
  • Pancakes or Breakfast Burritos
  • French Toast
  • Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Juice
  • Burgers and Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Fresh Salad
  • Main Entrée (Options include fish, chicken, steak)
  • Sides (Options include potatoes, vegetables, rice)
  • Dessert (Options include ice cream, cake, pie)
Galley Snacks and Beverages:
  • Snacks and Coffee: Available for a $10 fee at the beginning of the trip.
  • Snacks, Soft Drinks, and Beer: Available at all times in the lounge.
  • Morning Coffee: Served in the morning or upon request.
  • Beer: Available for purchase at $4 per can.