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About Captain Sam

Sam with crab

Captain Sam Shragge has loved being on the water since his father showed him the ropes at a young age. He'll never forget spearing his first fish in the San Clemente waters just off the coast of California. 

As Sam grew up, his fishing skills strengthened and he decided to follow his calling. In 2015, Sam graduated from the Texas Maritime Academy with an MS in Maritime Admin & Logistics. His passion led him all over the world, but consistently back to Florence, Oregon where he'd fish for Chinook (king) salmon with his cousins every fall.

After a string of impersonal, unfulfilling jobs, and losing his mother to breast cancer in 2017, Sam was craving community. In December 2018, he joined his mother’s family on the Oregon coast, bought a major fixer upper, and invested in a boat. Sam caught scores of salmon, smoked them, and gave the fillets away to friends and family. Soon enough, the demand greatly exceeded the supply, and Sam knew he was working with something special. He upgraded to the F/V Cordelia—the ultimate day boat for fishing the Pacific Northwest—and officially launched Federated Sport Fishing.

  • Graduated from the Texas Maritime Academy in 2015
  • Short career in Offshore Oil & gas until it was time to live the dream
  • Worked as a Sailing Catamaran Captain in the Caribbean 
  • Licensed & experienced charter captain
  • Insured for Deep Ocean Excursions.